Spotlight on: Lauren Ritchie

Posted on March 26 2015

“To act from a place of love and best intentions,
then let the rest flow as it may.”


WHY? Because this self-described multi-passionate entrepreneur is a Creative Coach in Calgary to all those “bad-ass dreamers, believers, and builders who create awesomeness in the world with their love and tenacity”. Now how cool is that; helping other people realize their potential on a daily basis? Ritchie is also a Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Yoga Instructor, and a certified Barre Instructor. Whew!

We asked her a few Qs to see what this multi-talented girl gets most excited about: 

What inspires you to get up in the morning?
People and Movement. 

What’s on your go-to playlist to get the day started?
This may be the most loaded question! I have the craziest iTunes account. One day it's Franki Valli, the next it's Prince, then it could be a bit of Broadway or Bell Biv DeVoe. I am a music lover. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world with no budgetary or time concerns, where would you go?
Is it a cop out to say my husband and I would go on a "continent crawl"? We would love to experience the African landscapes and wildlife, then hop over to the lower Mediterranean for an art & history tour, then go up to Norway where his family roots are. We would run around Europe basking in the different cultures, then finish on the beautiful beaches of South America.   

How do you relax?

We hope you love your work, but aside from that, what do you love to do most?
Dance; just moving to music with freedom and expression. Some of my most amazing memories have happened on dance floors surrounded by friends, intoxicated by music.....impromptu dance parties are the best!

Any advice for finding a life/work balance?
Close your eyes.

Take deep breathes.
Connect to your intuition. 

We live in a culture that values achievement, is filled with "experts" and encourages constant comparison. None of these will ever bring happiness or balance into your world. The only thing that will bring "balance" (whatever that means to you, and it is different for each person) is to quiet the external crazy and listen to what your body, mind and spirit need. Create the space for this stillness to happen. Protect it like it's your lifeline...because it is. 

What can you absolutely not live without?

Why do you love sharing Daub + Design with the world as our ambassador?
Oooooo! I rave about the UNIQUENESS of each and every piece. I am so proud to champion that it’s made in Canada, hand-dyed with love, and super versatile. 

Thanks Lauren!


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