Daub + Design Pairs with Grooster to find you the best bikini fit!

Posted on July 07 2011

We've paired up again with Grooster, a Vancouver based company that scours the city for the best goods & services. Unlike other coupon companies which gouge the small business in order to make large profits for themselves, Grooster's premise is to work with both the business owner & the customer to find a good deal for both. We here at Daub + Design value our customers, both new & old, and wouldn't be here without you. So...this is our way of giving back. Maybe it's not huge but it's what we afford can do :) If you're thinking of a new suit this summer & really want to find one that fits YOUR body, try us out. Think of the Grooster Pass as a way to get your personalised suit designed for less.

Support both local designers & businesses through Grooster. Thank you.


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  • Lesel Radage: July 08, 2011

    Thanks Lexi! It’s a pleasure to work with you. Keep making awesome stuff. Cheers, Lesel – CEO at Grooster.

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