#AltSummit: Seminars Continued

Posted on February 02 2012

Alt Summit had an amazing line-up of speakers and unfortunately we couldn't get to all of them. Lucky for YOU there is ALT CHANNEL. That's your que to click on the link. Couple times a week there will be a webisodes for you to learn about blogging, design and more.

We'll continue with our recap of seminars...What Small Sites Can Learn from Big Online Communities: We heard from Heather Armstrong from Dooce about her blog & its online community: interesting as she states that the community is what the readers buy into with or without her. She moderates it to keep it positive but it really becomes its own venue for ideas, discussion and support for other readers; Nora Abousteit of BurdaStyle discussed the goal to "create a platform for other people to suceed" by removing copyright from patterns, making them accessible to the public and providing "how-to's" online for sewing tips and techniques.

OUR FAVOURITE TALK was Kickstarting Your Next Project, something we felt we needed as we started a New Year off...
Panelists: Anne Sage of The City Sage, Lisa Congdon, Liz Stanley of Say Yes to Hoboken and Rena Tom

Lisa Congdon: Today is Going to be Awesome/'A Collection a Day"
She spoke about creating a daily creative project: something you are passionate about, motivating but challenging and something you share online in regular intervals. So what's the point? It's a shift from regular routine, instills creative discipline and introduces your audience to another aspect of your creative ability.

Rena Tom:  So Many Great Ideas...Where to Start?
Write down your goals, dream big, do collaborations, get a second opinion: Rena talked about her "I Shop, You Buy" personal challenge she ventured into to see how sharp her sourcing skills were. We love this concept which echoes KIOSK in NYC (one of our favourite stores).

Liz Stanley: Do What You Love, Find Your Sweet Spot and Don't Be Afraid to Fail
Jump in with both feet but know where you want to land. We felt that this really empathised with our take on business. We've got an idea, a passion and are going full force ahead...not blindly though. Goal set...Let's do it!

Anne Sage: Find Comfort in Chaos. Blogger of The City Sage: There is something to be said for embracing the fire within and letting it reign for a while. Find a balance.


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