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  • ON THE BLOG: "Take it as a Compliment" with Denby Royal

    August 24 2016 – Lexi Soukoreff

    ON THE BLOG: "Take it as a Compliment" with Denby Royal

    Great things happen to me when I’m barefoot. Earth shakin’, money makin’, habit breakin’ kind of things happen when I’m barefoot. I made the decision to drop out of university and take a sabbatical in Paris while barefoot (I was in a yoga class). I met the man I am currently romantically entangled with whilst barefoot, and oddly enough, waiting to...

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  • April 21 2015 – Karin Maxey

    Spotlight on: Jen Sinkler

    “Be unapologetically strong.”   Meet: JEN SINKLER WHY? Because the head honch of Thrive With Jen Sinkler will make getting strong and living well as fun a prospect as possible. She's all about all body care: from new skills to great recipes, fitness fashion and clean body-care products. And living well in every aspect of our lives is something we can get...

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  • April 14 2015 – Karin Maxey

    B You: Lexi Soukoreff on the B MAT™

    "One of the most valuable lessons in life is forgiveness. It’ll bring you strength and peace." Wise words from our fabulous Founder and Creative Director, Lexi Soukoreff, in her interview with B Yoga. Launched in 2014 to bring grippy goodness to the world of yoga mats, B Yoga offers a line of exceptionally grippy, eco-friendly and durable B MAT™s and...

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  • March 31 2015 – Karin Maxey

    Au Natural in Adriana Leggings

    Getting back to nature doesn’t need to mean giving up on comfort and fashion. For us, it’s slipping on our favourite pair of leggings, a cute top that makes us feel good, and going outdoors. In our signature Adriana leggings, we can run around the seawall, meditate on our favourite beach, or go for a hike--then still be dressed up...

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  • March 12 2015 – Karin Maxey

    Spotlight on: Erika Taite Vikander

    “You are in control of your own life”   Meet: ERIKA TAITE VIKANDER  WHY? Because this Daub + Design ambassador snowboards for a living, is donating her time to the “Make a Wish Foundation” in Denver as a Celebrity Waiter, and recently placed 2nd at the Subaru Freeride Series in Snowbird, UT, which she’ll be completing this month. We asked her a...

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