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  • April 21 2015 – Karin Maxey

    Spotlight on: Jen Sinkler

    “Be unapologetically strong.”   Meet: JEN SINKLER WHY? Because the head honch of Thrive With Jen Sinkler will make getting strong and living well as fun a prospect as possible. She's all about all body care: from new skills to great recipes, fitness fashion and clean body-care products. And living well in every aspect of our lives is something we can get...

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  • April 14 2015 – Karin Maxey

    B You: Lexi Soukoreff on the B MAT™

    "One of the most valuable lessons in life is forgiveness. It’ll bring you strength and peace." Wise words from our fabulous Founder and Creative Director, Lexi Soukoreff, in her interview with B Yoga. Launched in 2014 to bring grippy goodness to the world of yoga mats, B Yoga offers a line of exceptionally grippy, eco-friendly and durable B MAT™s and...

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