We know how much you love our Seamless Undies so here's a special deal for Valentine's Day to show how much we love you!

3 pairs for $60 = $20 each (save $6)
*regular show deal not usually online
5 pairs for $95 = $19 each (save $15)
10 pairs for $175 = $17.50 each (save $45)

Due to the savings on these items already, we respectfully ask that you do not apply any other discount codes to the order. We love doing specials for our loyal customers but our items are all made in Canada and hand-dyed & thus are a much higher cost to produce. We reserve the right to cancel any order that have discount codes applied. This includes Free Shipping - it's not free for us! Contact us if you spend over $200 and we'll send you a code for your next order.

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