Panty of the Month Subscription



Product Details

You’re looking to reinvigorate your panty collection on the regular. With the option of patterned underwear from us, where can you go wrong?

We offer 3 different lengths of subscriptions:

THE TEST DRIVE: You’ll get unique panties for 3 months. Give them a whirl and fall in love.

THE HONEYMOON: This option doubles your test drive – sign up for 6 months. You know you have chemistry, let's take it a step further.  

THE COMMITMENT: You've fully surrendered to falling in love with these bad boys. You relinquish all previous notions of underwear. This subscription lasts for 12 months.

Not sure of the size or might change addresses soon? Let us know any changes and we will do our best to correct subsequent deliveries.

Why you’ll love them:

• Made sustainably in small batches
• Durable, breathable to maintain comfort
• Lightweight and eco-friendly clothing

About your order:

When will it come?

We send all subscriptions out at the same time no matter what day they were ordered. This helps us make sure that everyone receives them and makes it easier to keep track. We aim to ship the first week of the month.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is extra and is done regular post untracked. Please email us if you prefer tracked and we will figure out the shipping for your location.

What about discounts?

No discounts will be accepted on this order. The items are already discounted. Please do not use any codes on it or you will be sent an invoice for the discount amount. No items will be sent out with a discount code.


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