5 Ways to Rock Bike Shorts

5 Ways to Rock Bike Shorts

If you haven’t gotten your legs into a pair of bike shorts yet, they are a MUST for the warm summer months and a great staple for early fall! Unlike the mullet, this classic style has become a welcome revival of the late-eighties and we're totally into it! Today we’ve rounded up how you can rock bike shorts, no matter what your personal style is.


Arguably one of the best things about bike shorts is the length which makes this style of shorts uber-wearable. Bike shorts are perfect for going from workout to night out at a patio. To style them to perfection, we suggest adding in some layered necklaces, sunnies, and chunky hoops! Don’t feel pressured to add all of these into your look at once - feel free to experiment with which lengths of necklaces look best together or what kind of earrings feel most comfortable for you to incorporate into your everyday style. See Gigi Hadid's look below for our basic black bike short inspiration - we’ve got some of our Bike Shorts in Matte Black in stock, by the way, and a super subtle embossed black on black Bike Shorts in Cheetah.

Gigi Hadid in black bike shorts model off duty look.

Image - Teen Vogue

Black Bike Shorts.

Image: Bike Shorts in Matte Black



We’ve never met a matching or tonal look that we didn’t adore, especially when bike shorts are involved! The beauty of pairing different shades of the same tones together is that you can make a bold yet expensive-looking statement, or if you tend to shy away from bright colours, you can keep your look chic and refined by tapping into those classic neutrals. Bike shorts, as an alternative to denim shorts, make it easier to play with a full-body look of colours and tones - so embrace it! Play with purples by matching the Bike Shorts in Ultra Violet with the Savannah Crop in Ultra Violet, or literally wear a sunset with our Bike Shorts in Spectra and the matching Savannah Crop. One thing that also pairs great with monochromatic looks? Mixing in texture! Try pairing our Leilani Tank in Black (featuring a twist accent in the front) with our Bike Shorts in Cheetah; a subtle take on the classic black bike short. 

 Ethically-made tie-dye bike short activewear set.

Image: Daub + Design, Bike Shorts in Reflect



May we suggest a french tuck? An oversized tee or long sleeve shirt subtly tucked into the front of your bike shorts shows off your curves, plus the combination is comfy and effortlessly cute. For a pop of personality, extra points for an old band tee or a brightly-coloured top, like the Mika Crop in Mustard.


Woman in oversized white blouse tucked into black biker shorts.

Image: Getty Images, Who What Wear



If there are two wardrobe staples that pair well together, it is a casual jacket and bike shorts. A denim, cord, or windbreaker style jacket all make for fantastic finishing touches to your outfit! Try pairing a basic tee with a denim jacket, your favourite pair of bike shorts, and some white sneakers for the ultimate celebrity off-duty moment! 

Emily Rata wearing Bike Shorts and Oversized Jacket

Image: Getty Images, Who What Wear



If you’re feeling adventurous, might we suggest swapping out your sneakers for something a little different? Believe it or not, both casual lace-up boots AND strappy sandals look great with bike shorts - that’s right, these shorts have range. To elevate your look, pair a kitten-heel sandal with bike shorts and an oversized shirt. For a warmer take on a cozy yet put-together look for fall, throw on a lightweight sweater with combat boots and your favourite pair of bike shorts. 

Bike shorts paired with Sandals and a Brown Blouse.

Image: The Fashion Spot
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