BE BALANCED, BE YOU: Getting Outside and Appreciating the View

BE BALANCED, BE YOU: Getting Outside and Appreciating the View

BE BALANCED: BE YOU: We'll be featuring different women each week that have somehow influenced our lives and inspired us with their strength and grace. Dana McFarlane reminds us that we're capable of changing the tone of our day by heading outside for a breathe of fresh air. 

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"I love to be outside and I love to move. A terrible day/mood/event can be turned around by heading out and breathing fresh air. Having the amazing good fortune of living in the beautiful city of Vancouver, I commute by walking along the seawall. Often I see people (myself included) taking pictures of the view and sea creatures and I think to myself, “Wow, I live here!”

Other than walking around, I love yoga and Pilates and hiking (especially the Grind) on weekends. As for balance, that’s tough to achieve because it’s easy to get caught up in work, family, schedules and all the things we have to do. But when is gets to be too much I head to the seawall and breathe deep, anything will feel better afterwards."

Words by Dana
Photos by Wayne Mah
Thanks to Body Balance Vancouver for letting us use their beautiful space.

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