How To Add Colour To Your Life

How To Add Colour To Your Life

After a long winter, it can start to feel like our days are pretty grey. Spring comes in the nick of time to uplift us, but sometimes we need to work a little harder to put the colour back in our lives. Most of us have firsthand experience of colour’s impact, whether it’s the instant joy you get from walking into a room painted your favourite colour, or your sudden motivation from putting on a vibrant workout top. If you need to inject some colour into your life, try these bright ideas. 

Surround yourself with colour at home

You don’t have to paint every room in your house, but there are lots of little ways to add colour here and there. Try painting the front door, ceiling, or an accent wall in your bedroom a shade that brings you joy. For less permanent solutions that you can switch out seasonally, opt for vibrant accent décor and accessories like throw pillows, blankets, placemats, artwork, a rug, or smaller pieces of furniture like a chair or lamp.


Give your wardrobe a boost

What we put on our bodies has a huge impact on our mood, and it’s not just about fit and comfort there’s psychology behind the colours we wear. Choosing a colour for the day is a conscious choice that can help dictate our attitude, so for a boost of confidence and a positive outlook, reach for a bright outfit.

(Note: we designed our new DAUB spring collection in bright shades for maximum energy and fun!) 

Get your fill of nature’s hues

Spring and summer is the time to get your dose of Mother Nature’s own vibrant colour palette. Soak up the rich shades she has to offer, even if you’re just frequenting green spaces, parks, and gardens if you live in a city. At home, plant colourful native flowers in your garden or backyard, and incorporate plants indoors. Bringing home a fresh bouquet also adds a quick pop of colour.

Eat the rainbow

Did you know that the more colourful your food, the more nutrients you’re getting? Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colours not only boosts our health from the inside, but a colourful plate is a visual feast that can stimulate our mood as well. Seasonal produce already comes in a rich colour palette, so take your pick and try out new flavours and recipes.

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