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In June 2015, I took up Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. It is literally doing yoga on a wide long surf board in the water. Not only is this form of yoga an excellent workout but it's a deep reminder of what it's like to be still. In this fast paced and ever changing society, I feel it is a necessity that we all unplug from our smart phones and get moving outside.

After connecting with the owner of Vancouver Water Adventures (VWA), I knew I had just landed myself the best summer job of my life! VWA is run and owned by a brother and sister duo named Jess and Clay. Two humble souls from Ontario, who really started their company from the ground up. They now have a location on Kits beach where you can rent kayaks and paddleboards, as well as take a lessons and classes throughout the week. Their home base location is on Granville island, where they rent out seadoos and take people on zodiac boat tours!

SUP yoga Brittany Sharpe Vancouver
For those of you who are interested in trying SUP Yoga, I would highly recommend going out and getting wet on a board first. That way you are able to get a feel for paddling before jumping into a class. With your single paddle, it's relatively easy to maneuver yourself around the water. People usually start off a little wobbly but get the hang of it quickly, learning to balance quickly. SUP Yoga strengthens your core significantly because your muscles are always activated while on the board. When doing a SUP Yoga class, we move at a much slower pace then you would on land. Even doing a low lunge can be challenging at times, depending on the weather!

Many people ask me how we stay still out on the water while being on the boards, and the answer to that is... well, we don't!  SUP yoga on the ocean in Vancouver means that conditions are often variable and you have to be prepared for any type of weather to roll in. We use sand bags to anchor the boards once we get to our yoga spot, to stay in position throughout the class. My favourite part of the practice is when we come out of meditation and everyone is facing their own direction, or fate will have it so that we are all facing each other in a circle. SUP yoga is not only a way for people to get their daily dose of exercise, but it also helps to calm down the mind.
SUP at Vancouver Water Sports
Teaching SUP Yoga really helps you to become more patient as a teacher, because you never know how the ocean will behave. On lucky days at sea, you might even see a whale pop by and for sure some friendly seals! When you are on the water and doing yoga on a board, there's a connection with the ocean. It's that moment where time stands still and you feel completely at one with nature. Every time I practice or teach SUP yoga, I receive that reset feeling - like you would with any yoga class but its amplified because you are outside in beautiful mother nature! This summer I will be running weekly SUP yoga classes at Kits Beach. Come say hi at the VWA trailor!
Vancouver Paddle Board Yoga
Over the past few years of being a yoga teacher on and off land, I take some time on Social Media to connect with people from different countries and follow other people that inspire me and give me motivation. One of these companies is Daub + Design. I stumbled upon this beautiful, local apparel line about a year ago and I have pretty much been in love ever since. The first thing that stood out to me about these handmade garments, was the tie-dye! I have always been a huge fan of tie-dye and just wearing bright colours in general. After buying my first pair of bottoms at The Hot Box Yoga Studio, I was hooked! I knew I had to reach out to the owner and disclose my love for her company.
Vancouver Yoga and SUP
I am glad to say that we connected and I was delighted to meet such a joyous, kind and real human. I now have the pleasure of wearing these amazing shorts and I can't wait to get the rest of my team on the water wearing them! They are by far the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn. They are great for on the ocean but also good for running, hiking or even dancing at a festival! Be sure to check out Daub + Design at some of the local shops and yoga studios around Vancouver or through their online shop!

Hang loose and namaste!!
About the Author:
Brittany Sharpe is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, studying Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC. Growing up in a small town in Ontario called Huntsville, she knew she had to the head to the mountains so at the age of 18, she moved out west and now resides here full-time. On my days off, she is usually cruising the beach with her Costa Rican rescue dog Nicoya.
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