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First off, THANK YOU for all your incredible support as we transition to fully online! Many of you we have met in person at shows or pop-ups and a large number of you are brand new! So welcome :) Our site is now updated with ALL current stock!

We know we are low on stock in our active line! We hear you! WE ARE ON IT!
I've ordered fabric and we're launching a PRE-SALE on Tuesday, June 2 to restock all your favourite prints. This will be the last time we produce the summer prints so order while you can! There will NOT be tons of extra's made so if you've got your eye on a set (or two!), order it so you're not disappointed!

The Summer PRE-SALE will allow us to restock Spectra, Ultra Violet, Hazel & Abyss.  If you want one of our SS 2020 colour ways, the pre-sale will be your best chance! Plus, you get a little discount for pre-ordering. If you want Bike Shorts, definitely order on pre-sale too.  Cheetah Bike Shorts will also be on pre-sale so absolutely grab these too!

The PRE-SALE is a model we've adopted to help us produce what we need. At DAUB, we are uber conscious of responsible manufacturing and work in very limited quantity. We rarely do sales and rely on your help to gauge how much to make. A PRE-SALE lets us know what sizes, styles and colours will be most popular and we produce accordingly. You order, then we produce. There's a slight wait as you're ordering pre-production but we find this to be a great way to organize and  finance production. Your orders ensure we order the right numbers so we're not over or under producing!

We are launching the pre-sale TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2020.  Hit us up with your questions prior so you are ready to go at 8am sharp. Newsletter subscribers have first access from 8am - 9am. We have limited numbers of each piece - Riley Legging & Bike Shorts - that we can produce based on the amount of fabric we have coming.

I haven't decided yet if we do the Savannah Crop because our minimums to produce are higher than what I'm guessing we might sell. IF you know you'd order a matching bra with it, can you email me to let me know? Size + colour please. Also - check to see if it's in stock now and purchase that one! We're down to 1-2 pcs in each size if that.

I'm working on a few other ideas to introduce as well :) Will keep you posted!

The PRE-SALE will be on the following items:
1. The Riley Legging
2. The Bike Short
3. A surprise item!
RE: the Savannah Crop - I need your feedback!
DM / Email me now or forever hold your peace :)

Sale will go live Tuesday, June 2 2020.
8am PST  |  9am MST  |  11am EST
Sale will run until Friday, June 5th 11:59PM PST

You will have the option to add a few other "in-stock" clothing items (excluding masks & undies) to your order and save. I can ship these prior to the pre-sale shipping so you get free shipping on these items. I cannot do double free shipping + the discount so please no discount codes. Masks & undies are excluded unless purchased with other in-stock items due to their high cost to make.

For those of your following along our IG, you know I mentioned we had a bit of stock set aside for some wholesale. I've now updated the site with everything we have in stock for spring/summer! If you were dying for a piece - go check now, as I know they will go quickly!

If you are a studio or boutique, please get in touch for wholesale ASAP so we can organize. There will not be a lot extra to purchase as immediates. I am keeping our orders lean.




What is a PRE-SALE?
Essentially, you purchase the the items before they are completed at the factory. Because you have to wait, we offer a small discount on them as a thank you.  Typically, we offer pre-sales to help determine what sizes and colours will be most popular and to fund production. 

When will items ship?
We're estimating mid July. I will prioritize the Bike Shorts due to weather. Any in-stock items you add to the order will ship upon receiving the order.

Can I pick up the items at your studio?
SORRY! No. We are understaffed and short on space. It's sometimes really difficult to coordinate with pick-ups and we end up with a lot of cancellations. 

Can I return or exchange items if they don't fit?
Exchange only and it will be subject to availability. Email me questions about sizing PRIOR to ordering so we can reduce the need for exchanges :) Canada Post is still super slow and I'd LOVE to reduce any extra shipping across Canada if we can mitigate it prior. Please review our returns & exchange FAQs.

You will have an opportunity to add-on items to make full outfits and save. Example: the Riley Legging in Spectra + The Savannah Crop in Spectra + the Leilani Tee in White. I'm working out the details on this today for how to do this! These ship prior to the pre-sale so essentially you get free shipping on these.

Please don't. Items are already discounted. We're a small business and WE have to pay that shipping cost. Our margins are much less than overseas production so please do not use any discounts. We will not ship any items that have discount codes applied. The system does not allow for us to block them but we can see it and won't ship. If you are ordering in-stock pieces, we are shipping those ahead of time so you get free shipping here. I can't absorb a discount + 2 free shipping + use quality fabrics + pay fair wages + pay for supplies in USD. Cool? Great. 

Expect another email Monday with more details and follow along on our stories for extra details! 

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