EVERY WOMAN: Jennifer McFarlane - Love it. Own it. Embrace it. Respect it.

EVERY WOMAN: Jennifer McFarlane - Love it. Own it. Embrace it. Respect it.

We shot our Every Woman Campaign back in July with the intention to highlight the every day woman and begin a discussion about body positivity. We wanted to capture the beauty of as many different women of different ages, sizes, shapes, backgrounds and lifestyles as possible. We did an open casting call to our fans and had 8 incredible women join us. We recognize that we cannot possibly begin to reflect every beauty out there but it's important to start somewhere. The Daub + Design woman is you. She's perfect in her little unique ways, in the time she's spent creating memories for years to come, in the body which takes her on this journey through life - good, tough and everywhere in between.

three women wear pink and black tank tops and leggings

Our first feature from our Every Woman Campaign is Jennifer 
McFarlane. We met Jennifer through a pop-up we did in West Vancouver. Here's her story relating to body positivity and joining a dance group called ARMY of SASS in the Lower Mainland.

Being apart of the ARMY of SASS has completely changed my life. It has given me the confidence to love my body, my imperfections, and know that “shit is supposed to jiggle”. It has created a community of women (and men) 18+, all dance levels, all shapes & sizes, and has given us a safe space where we can completely be ourselves with no judgement. 

No two people are the same, so we need to stop comparing! 

Three women wear three different sports bras in a light grey pattern and black leggings

Growing up, I have always been the tall one & the curvy one - and could never fit the same clothes or “trends” that my smaller friends could fit! Looking back, maybe I dodged a bullet on missing out on the 1” zipper Dorinha Jeans 

It has only been since joining Army of Sass 3 years ago that I was finally able to embrace my curves & not be afraid to show them off! 

I wish more women would know & BELIEVE that their body is beautiful no matter the shape or size. 

Love it. Own it. Embrace it. Respect it.

For online shopping reference:
Jennifer is 5'10 and 27 years old. Usually on top she wears a medium or an 8 and on bottom is a 10 or L. Her bust size is a 38C and she is wearing the L in the Aria Tank in Soft Black.

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