SPOTLIGHT ON: Susan Scarlett of Barre Fitness South Surrey

SPOTLIGHT ON: Susan Scarlett of Barre Fitness South Surrey

One of the beautiful things about our life over here at Daub + Design is the wonderful people we get to meet along the way. I met Susan years ago in a different lifetime for both of us so it's been great to reconnect through her current role as owner at Barre Fitness in South Surrey. This Saturday marks their two-year birthday and Daub + Design will be on location celebrating. More details below!

About Susan:

Susan was born and raised in North Vancouver, where she spent her childhood and adolescent years dancing.  She graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Science, and her passion for Health and Wellness led her to Bastyr University in Washington State, where she studied Naturopathic Medicine. While she was a client of Barre Fitness North Shore, she fell in love with the full body workout and in June 2006, Susan and her husband Jordan opened Barre Fitness South Surrey. When she’s not teaching, she loves to go hiking, and spend time outdoors.

Susan also runs a successful jewelry company, Indigo Star, where she designs and creates a line of handmade crystal jewelry.

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D+D: Congratulations on your second anniversary of Barre Fitness South Surrey! How does it feel to be celebrating this milestone?

SS: It feels amazing! I can’t believe it has been two years – it feels like we just opened our doors yesterday. I am looking forward to many more!! 

D+D: How long have you been doing barre classes? What got you hooked?

SS: I took my first Barre class back in June of 2012. I was hooked immediately. It was the BEST workout I ever had and my body felt it for days. It was like all my muscles had come alive, and I gained so much strength and flexibility. 

D+D: What sets it apart from other fitness classes? How would you describe the classes?

SS: At Barre Fitness we work the entire body, from head to toe. We combine sports conditioning (using weights), yoga, pilates, and of course the ballet barre and we focus on postural alignment. The classes are so much fun, and you will definitely feel every muscle in your body after!

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D+D: What do you think is the most important part of your role as owner/instructor at the studio?

SS: Inspiring others. I get to interact with many people on a daily basis, some of whom haven’t worked out before or in a very long time. It is my job to motivate them to reach their potential in class, and to inspire them to keep coming back so they can see the changes they want to see in their bodies and in their lives. 

D+D: How would you describe the community at BFSS? Do you have special events, challenges? Anything you’d like to develop further?

SS: Our community is absolutely amazing, and we just love our clients. So many friendships have been forged in our studio, and there is so much love and support there. We hold Barre Challenges 3 times per year, where there is a goal of a set amount of classes to take.  Each challenge wraps up with a grand prize draw and we give away some really terrific prizes! 

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D+D: What are 2 healthy habits you can share with us that you cannot live without?

SS: I drink matcha every morning and I do Barre classes!

D+D: What keeps you balanced as a mother, studio owner and entrepreneur?

SS: I have to manage my time and I have learned to let go of perfection and of getting everything checked off my to-do list. If I don’t complete it, there is always tomorrow. I work hard to keep the home life/ work life balance and I carve out time for myself, to go for a walk or a massage; or to just hang out with the kids.

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D+D: What did you do before you opened the studio?

SS: I designed and manufactured a line of Crystal Jewelry, called Indigo Star that I sold to several boutiques in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. I also used to act in Film and TV.

The Barre Fitness South Surrey 2 year Anniversary Party is coming up on Saturday June 16! Daub + Design will be there with a pop up shop and Saje Wellness will be offering mini spa treatments. There will also be cupcakes and smoothies too. Try a free classes at 8:15am and 11 am classes on that day. Bring a friend and come take a complimentary class!

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