What’s the Occasion? Our Thoughtful Gift Picks

What’s the Occasion? Our Thoughtful Gift Picks

It’s true that with gift giving it’s the thought that counts, which is why we’ve compiled some wonderfully thoughtful gift ideas for those special people in your life (plus a few suggestions for yourself, too). Shop online, or swing by our storefront on Granville in Vancouver to take a peek at these items and more.

For a birthday surprise

Birthday gifts can be tricky to choose, but they don’t have to be extravagant to make someone’s day even more special. Personally selecting a scent they’d like, such as the candles and diffusers you can find in our store from House of Hecate, Canvas Candle Company or Kilig Candle Co., or a skincare product you know they’ll love, adds a personal touch.

To make a birthday gift even more personal, assemble a DIY gift bag: choose from our one-of-a-kind DAUB totes, and fill with hand-selected items like a candle or diffuser, bath and beauty products (try Céla’s Body Cleanser or Crème Rose), a good book, and their favourite baked good it’s like gifting a relaxing evening all at once. 

Back-to-school treats

Ease those school time nerves with a few goodies. A cute scrunchie or a Salt & Stone SPF 30 Lip Balm are great for almost any age, and for those heading to university or college, our seamless undies and a Ribbed Set (in a fun colour, of course) are sure to keep them comfy while studying. And with outdoor extracurriculars on the horizon, Salt & Stone’s SPF Sunscreen Stick is all natural to help keep their skin safe.

Gifts to show yourself some love

We’re all for gifting as a form of self-love. For a pick-me-up, try giving your relaxation routine a makeover: opt for a DAUB Basic Set for lounging, a B Yoga Practice Blanket to start a new ritual, and a Silk Sleep Mask for encouraging a restful night. 

These gift ideas work for treating almost anyone: a new mom, your best friend you’re reuniting with, or to show a teacher some appreciation. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a DAUB gift card

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