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Work from Home Solutions

July 10 2020 – Kate Abram

Clean white desk for work from home set up.

Clean white desk for work from home set up.

Are you new to the work-from-home lifestyle? Us too! Although the concept of rolling out of bed and setting up in your PJs in front of the computer might sound great, the pandemic work-life balance that the world has been thrown into comes with its own set of challenges! 


At DAUB, we have been reflecting on some ways to keep home comfortable in our home offices, and so we have compiled a list of suggestions that we are excited to share with you!

turned silver iMac

Image by Norbert Levajsics - Source: Unsplash




Let’s face it - you could probably work on your projects all day AND all night, and not run out of things to do. So, just like how you have work hours, set up a designated workspace, too! Whether you live in a studio apartment or a two-story house, try to section off a particular area of your home as a work-only zone. Not only does a degree of separation between work and home help you to keep your work materials organized, but it also helps with keeping a mental boundary between work time and personal time. This separation is incredibly important for your productivity AND your sanity. 


If you don’t have access to a separate room for an office, no worries! We suggest either investing in a divider or setting up a desk against a wall and near a window for maximum sunlight. 




Although your remote work arrangement might be temporary, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer! Comfortable surroundings can make a huge difference in your ability to stay productive and motivated, even if your surroundings aren’t permanent. Below are some simple ways to spruce up your workspace for maximum productivity and aesthetic appeal.

 Blankets hung up indoor decoration interior design inspiration.

Image by Lauren Fleischmann - Source: Unsplash
  • Make friends with plants. 

Many plant stores deliver these days, including Vancouver’s very own West Coast Gardens. If you’re back east, you can sign up for the Toronto-based monthly plant subscription service, Sharebloom! If you prefer to pick your plants in person, check out Vancouver’s 33 Acres Brewing’s list of ideal plants for your workspace. If you already have leafy residents and they have been looking lacklustre lately, give them new life by repotting them! Putting care into things that you already have can add some much-needed kindness to your day. It’s also wonderful to watch plants bloom and do well under your personal care.


Plant in a vase on a white desk with a white background. Office indoor plant near brown wooden table

Image by Sarah Dorweiler - Source: Unsplash
  • Embrace the light. 

If you can, try to work in a well-lit area, ideally by a window for the benefits of natural sunlight. If you can’t set up near a window, try adding a lamp or a string of lights to your environment for some soft light. We recommend checking out a cute solar-powered lamp from Montreal-based retailer Goodeeor take a browse through the rest of their artisanal collection of home decor, wallpaper, and throws. 


  • Create a fan club. 

Ventilation is an important part of maintaining a comfortable workplace, so consider setting up a fan to get the air moving around you! Or, open a window - up to you.



Whether you’re a seasoned pinner on the interior decor end of Pinterest or you’ve never owned a decorative pillow before, getting creative is an easy way to add revive a tired space or make a new one your own! Here’s how we suggest maximizing both the fun and aesthetic value of your workspace:


  • Do it yourself, for yourself.

Have you ever wanted to hang up a plant? Go for it! Make a DIY macrame plant hanger in 5 minutes. As an alternative to a plant, fill a jar with string lights and hang that instead- although, for safety reasons, always make sure that your string lights are turned off when you can’t keep an eye on them. Hanging these also frees up precious space and adds vertical details to a room.


  • Add some custom wall decor.

If you’re looking to add some extra encouragement to your workday, create some motivational posters with Staples’ printing service! Layer your favourite quotes over beautiful scenery images and easily print your designs onto posters or canvases! And in case you were looking for your next great sunset background, Unsplash is a great resource for beautiful, copyright-free images. For quote inspiration, we also suggest checking out our ‘Words to Live By Pinterest' board. 


  • Update your space.

Can you ever have too many blankets or pillows? We don’t think so. Adding some cozy accents to any workspace can help keep you comfortable throughout the day. Try to find ones that work in multiple seasons so you can utilize them throughout the year. Also, for the illusion of more space and light, mirrors are a great addition to your decor repertoire - check out Montreal’s very own VdeV’s selection of mirrors for the home


There is no denying that life has some added stress right now, but your work-from-home set-up doesn’t have to be. Show us on Instagram @daubanddesign what your home office looks like - we love hearing from you!  


Image by Ellen Jardim - Source: Unsplash

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