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DAUB has always been for you: the girl-on-the-go and the fearless, stylish, dream-seeking woman with no time to ask if her clothes are going to slow her down. Each DAUB piece is designed with you in mind, but, recently, you, the women that we make for, have seen massive shifts in workday schedules, upticks in stress with world events, and changes in everyday expectations. Today, we wanted to touch on ways to revitalize yourself during the day, in a time where each day seems to bring a host of new things to think about! 


Whether you’re an experienced yogi or you don’t own a yoga mat, a quick stretch break or a deep strengthening session is great for getting your body moving at your own pace. With tons of video tutorials on Youtube, it’s never been easier to get loose and limber at whatever level you’re comfortable with! Moving the body stimulates our brain and helps us focus. It’s also just great for us to lengthen our muscles after (often) sitting for long periods of time. Bonus if you can get your heart rate up. Which takes us to number 2...

Woman in tie-dye sports bra and high-waisted leggings yoga set

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This one is great for families in the house together - did you know that there are dance workout videos available online? That’s right - jam out to your favourite tracks from the 2000s with the kids or, don’t bother with the instructional videos, and just dance to dance! This is an easy and fun way to get moving during the day without the pressure of a formal workout session. A bonus: no equipment needed, just a bit of floor space. Smiles and laughter guaranteed. 


Even by setting aside 10 minutes a day to sit quietly or follow along with a guided meditation, taking the time to be in tune with your thoughts can set you up for a good day or a good night’s sleep. If you have little ones at home with you and no day looks the same, adding in a bit of “you-time” even if it is only a few minutes in the morning or at night can help you stay grounded. The key is to remember that meditation carries no expectations - whatever kind of meditation you like to do, just do it!  Try the Calm app - free for 30 days (check this - I used it and it was great) to help slow down. Bonus - the stories are great to fall asleep peacefully to. 

Woman sitting and meditating in black sports bra.

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This is an easy one, but if you’re used to the chatter of your coworkers throughout the day, you might notice that things have been a bit quieter since working from home! Although, if you have little ones at home with you, maybe not. To combat feelings of isolation, throw on a podcast, an idea from Vogue, while you work - Spotify and Youtube have plenty of creators who make podcasts in every genre! If you’re looking for business-related news, try The Economist’s episodes, or check out TED Podcasts for short yet eye-opening discussions. If you’re an entrepreneur navigating the new norm, we are diggin’ Brave and Boss by business coach and founder of ethical fashion brand, Encircled, Kristy Soomer. 

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No, we’re not just talking the “to-do” kind - make gratitude lists! Starting the morning with a list of things that you are grateful for can put the whole day into perspective. If lists aren’t your thing, write down one person/place/thing that you’re grateful for on a sticky note, and place it up somewhere that you can see throughout the day. Voila, an instant mood-booster. 

Wearing DAUB makes it easy to go wherever your day takes you - with our selection of basics, tops, leggings, and joggers, our pieces do it all for the woman who is doing it all - you! We miss seeing you at shows, and we look forward to seeing you again sometime soon! Don’t forget to check in with us on social media - we love seeing how you are doing!

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