About Us

Lexi Soukoreff, Owner/Creative Director of Daub + DesignLexi Soukoreff started Daub + Design in 2010 as a way to explore colour, pattern, functionality and various surface design techniques. In 2017, a secondary line DAUB | ACTIVE was brought to life, giving fresh life to traditional processes. Combining the hand-dyed elements with sublimation printing, D|A complements Daub + Design's signature aesthetic. Whether you work out multiple times a week or love the ease of having casual dressing in your wardrobe, D+D brings functionality, colour and comfort that work for the everyday with a line that offers laid-back luxe and an element of sophistication for the free spirit in all of us.

 What makes us stand out from other activewear brands?
• Canadian designed and manufactured 
• Every piece is hand-dyed or printed in our exclusive designs to give it it's own unique aesthetic 
• high quality fabrics
• wicking qualities
• anti pilling
• sits at natural waist 
• fabric is breathable 
• feels like you're wearing nothing 
• elastic waist for stable comfort 
• waistband stays in place during movement; doesn't roll or slide down 
• with regular wear and proper care, our fabrics last for years.

Our studio is located in the shopping & design district of Main Street in Vancouver, BC. Appointments can be made by email to come by for a personal viewing of the collection. Please contact us at info@daubanddesign.com.