About Us

Daub + Design is a Canadian-made women’s activewear brand that explores the relationship between fabric and the application of colour. Launched in 2010 by artist & entrepreneur, Lexi Soukoreff as a way to explore her education and interest in colour, pattern and function of high quality fabrics. Daub + Design artfully blends colour and texture to create unique works of art that are as individual as the women who wear the line.

Designer Lexi Soukoreff

Lexi uses surface design techniques to make recognizable, one of a kind garments - tailored for the everyday & active lifestyle. Lexi begins by hand-dyeing fabrics and garments for the collection in-house and focusses on performance quality and sustainable fabrics for her core pieces. Each piece is one of a kind. These pieces are worn by women of all ages and provide them with a unique sense of style, confidence and positive body image. A body positive lifestyle is a core part of Daub + Design and living the lifestyle is a key part of Lexi’s life. All pieces are hand-dyed or printed with Lexi’s designs and cut and sewn in Vancouver. 

Lexi cuts plain white fabric as a canvas for her new creations.


What makes us stand out from other activewear brands?

• Canadian designed and manufactured 
• every piece is hand-dyed or printed in our exclusive designs to give it it's own unique aesthetic 
• high quality fabrics
• wicking qualities
• anti pilling
• sits at natural waist 
• fabric is breathable 
• feels like you're wearing nothing 
• elastic waist for stable comfort 
• waistband stays in place during movement; doesn't roll or slide down 
• with regular wear and proper care, our fabrics last for years.
• basics program is designed and manufactured with OEKO-TEX Standard fabrics.

Jars of dye used in the dyeing process.




Our retail location opened June 1st at 3012 Granville Street at 14th Ave. We are open 7 days a week and would love to have you come by to shop.

Store Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10am-6pm 
Sunday: 11am-5pm