The PRE-SALE is a model that we've adopted to help us produce what you want.

At DAUB, we are uber conscious of responsible manufacturing and we work in very limited quantities. We rarely do sales, and we rely on your help to gauge how much we should make. A PRE-SALE lets us know what sizes, styles and colours will be most popular and we produce accordingly. You order, and then we produce. Because of this, there's a slight wait as you are placing your order pre-production but we think this is a great way to organize and finance production, so that you get the pieces that you want the most! Your orders ensure we order the right numbers so we're not over or under producing. 

- - -

During a PRE-SALE, we ask that you please not use any discount codes, since we have already accounted for a discount in the pre-production price. If you're shopping the site and notice an item is "in-stock" in your size under it's original listing, go ahead and order it. It's ready to go now and ships on an earlier timeline than a PRE-SALE item. 

When you order a PRE-SALE item, you can expect it to take longer to ship: typically, our estimated shipping dates will appear on the sale page and in our newsletter, but expect that your items will take longer to ship than a typical DAUB order. This is because we're making them with care in your size! Production time generally range from 6-8 weeks. This encompasses us totalling your orders, ordering the fabric + markers from our partners, cutting, sewing and quality checking your items in house. As always, double and then triple check that your address is correct when ordering, since any errors in your information can further delay the shipping process. Any missed unit/suite numbers or street errors means your package will be returned to sender. We will have to ask you to pay for shipping again as we do not have extra margin in either our retail or shipping costs. Auto-fill and the 'back' button to double check details is not your friend unfortunately! It is your responsibility to ensure it is correct. If a mistake is made or you move unexpectedly, let us know and we'll do our best to correct it ahead of time.

- - - 

The current pre-sale is on fall winter '23 fleece items: The Freedom Half Zip Crew, the Turtleneck Tunic and the Knox Jacket + Straight Leg Pant. We will also be offering the option of our hand-dyed Campbell Ribbed Leggings. We are aiming to beginning shipping PRE-SALE orders at the end of February. We will have a number of packages & wholesale orders to ship so please be patient.

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