Our Designer is Nominated as One of Vancouver's Top Creatives in VNB's Contest

VANCOUVER CREATIVES: A Calotype photography portfolio by the VNB Team, Virginie Lamarche and Bastien Desfriches Doria. This unique collaborative fine art project is dedicated to highlight the most contributive business founders and individuals to Vancouver's high-quality lifestyle. The duo aims to represent creative leaders from a variety of industries in the cultures of fine art and design, artisan or handmade craft, promotions of well-being, new technologies and progressive thinking.

All portraits are made using VNB’s Calotype process (using eco-friendly photochemistry) with a massive 1920s 8×10 camera system purposed to deliver authentic and vibrant historical portraits of inspiring Vancouverites.

The first 10 invitational portraits have been taken and the last 10 will be nominated and voted for daily until January 31, 2014.

You can vote for our Creative Director/Owner, Lexi Soukoreff, HERE by clicking on VOTE. The heart will turn red. Please clear your cache/browsing history if you're having trouble! Thank you for your support as always <3

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