Sometimes What You Need is to Pack Your Bags and Go!

Okay, so I know most of us can't just take off whenever we feel like it. But my recent, impromptu trip to Costa Rica falls under the premise of taking time for yourself in order to recharge and move forward and may just might inspire you to make it a goal; or simply live vicariously for now to get through another drizzly February day. I'm here for ya either way.

A few weeks ago one of my clients, Chantal O'Sullivan, came by the studio to pick up her order for her yoga studio Shanti Yoga in Tsawwassen. She mentioned the upcoming yoga retreat she was hosting in the little surf town of Santa Theresa, Costa Rica and I wistfully replied; "I wish I could go!" She looked at me and said, "Come! Why not?" Yes, why not?!

I had been desperately craving sun and a break from all things work. So, I asked her to forward me the details so I could think about it. Within 24 hours and 2 days prior to departure, the flights were booked and I was on my way to sunshine, sand, surf, laughter, daily yoga practices, delicious breakfasts, amazing bungalows, howler monkeys and an incredible crew of people that I am thankful to have met under these circumstances. We stayed at the Horizon Boutique Hotel. Perched on the mountain with 180 degree views of sunsets on the horizon each night, delicious breakfasts, and the generous hospitality of our wonderful hosts, Gali and Yoav, it was magical and 110% worth the trip. 

I'm not advocating to run away because you feel like it. The point is that we all need to take time for ourselves wherever that may be. I was lucky that I could spare the time between production deliveries and shows, and had enough money tucked away for just such an occasion. I usually say no to opportunities because of work commitments. I also often find myself running on empty or close to it and I know that I'm not alone; it's a common problem with our packed Western lifestyles. This week, I encourage you to take some time, write down what you know makes you happy, and set aside some time to indulge that side of you. Even if it's an hour of alone time to write in your journal or take a walk in nature. Remember, only you can make the changes you need to lead a happier, calmer, more rewarding life. 


Left: The stunning grounds of Horizons Boutique Hotel.
Right: The crazy awesome group of yogis who came to Costa Rica.


Left: Early morning 'stache surprise
Right: Chantal O'Sullivan and Lexi Soukoreff 


Left & Right: Some yoga shots at Horizon Yoga Hotel in Santa Theresa, Costa Rica.

Next month, I'll be sharing some tips on how to recreate such an amazing experience at home on a shoestring time budget. See you then!

A huge thank you to Chantal for inviting me on this trip and
to Daniel O'Sullivan for the amazing photos to come.
Much love and gratitude to you all,



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