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Spotlight on: Erika Taite Vikander

March 12 2015 – Karin Maxey

“You are in control of your own life”



WHY? Because this Daub + Design ambassador snowboards for a living, is donating her time to the “Make a Wish Foundation” in Denver as a Celebrity Waiter, and recently placed 2nd at the Subaru Freeride Series in Snowbird, UT, which she’ll be completing this month.

We asked her a few Qs so you’d get the picture why we love her: 

Where do you live?
I live in Breckenridge, CO

What inspires you to get up in the morning?
My love of the mountains, and nature. If the sun is up, so am I! 

What do you love about sharing Daub + Design with the world as an ambassador?
I love the hand-dyed designs and the fact that these leggings look good everywhere. Whether I am wearing them under my snowboard clothes, or hitting the apres scene after, I always look stylish! 

What’s on your go-to playlist to get the day started?
A little bit of everything, but mostly Rap and Hip-Hop! 

If you could travel anywhere in the world with no budgetary or time concerns, where would you go?
That’s tough! Without any financial concerns I would literally want to go EVERYWHERE! 

How do you relax?
With a little yoga and some beautiful scenery.

What do you love to do most?
I am fortunate enough to love my work the most--snowboarding! 

Any advice for finding a life/work balance?
Find something you love, and never quit making it become a reality. 

What can you absolutely not live without?
Coffee ;) 

If we’ve “peaked” your interest, you can follow more of Vikander’s slope style on her blog!


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  • Ronni Roman: March 13, 2015

    Nice article on a very special young lady.. Whether competing or just giving back she offers 200 % every time. She represents the best in our younger generation, a fabulous role model…..Keep that bright light shining, it becomes you!!!! To a fun and rewarding 2015 Season ,Erika!!!!!!

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