Au Natural in Adriana Leggings

Getting back to nature doesn’t need to mean giving up on comfort and fashion. For us, it’s slipping on our favourite pair of leggings, a cute top that makes us feel good, and going outdoors. In our signature Adriana leggings, we can run around the seawall, meditate on our favourite beach, or go for a hike--then still be dressed up enough for an impromptu patio lunch with a girlfriend; with a rosy glow from fresh air and a swipe of mascara the only makeup we need.

The nylon/spandex blend of our leggings is durable enough to withstand a workout, and wicks away moisture to cool the body during any level of activity the day brings on. Even if it’s just a ten minute walk to get the heart pumping and some natural Vitamin D, your body will thank you. And because each pair is hand-dyed, you’ll look as unique on the outside as you are on the inside; so shine that light of yours, girl!

Image: #DaubWorld ambassador Tahnee Fournier

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