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“Be unapologetically strong.”



WHY? Because the head honch of Thrive With Jen Sinkler will make getting strong and living well as fun a prospect as possible. She's all about all body care: from new skills to great recipes, fitness fashion and clean body-care products. And living well in every aspect of our lives is something we can get behind.

We asked her a few Qs, and this very busy lady was happy to share her positive outlook: 

Tell us about you:
I'm a longtime fitness writer and personal trainer currently based in Minneapolis. I write about fitness, food, happy life and general health topics at my website,, as well as for a variety of national health magazines such as Women's Health, Men's Health, and Experience Life. My ebook of conditioning workouts called Lift Weights Faster contains a library of over 130 conditioning workouts for fat loss, athleticism, and overall health. The second iteration, Lift Weights Faster 2, launches March 2015, and includes 180 super-fun and effective workouts. 
Through both my writing and my training, I aim to shift the way women view strength and fitness. I work with mainly female clientele to expand their current capabilities and meet training goals in a safe and supportive setting. To that end, I helped launch the women-only strength-training class at The Movement Minneapolis, a gym I co-own with my husband, David Dellanave. 
What do you love about Daub + Design?
I love Daub + Design leggings -- they're like art for your legs. But beyond that, women need to know about the fit -- and the fit is perfection. In my book, workout tights have to be high-waisted or I won't wear them, because nobody has time to pause a workout to hike up their waistband. The top of these tights hits just where I like them to, right at the belly button. So, no hiking necessary and no unflattering bulges created!
What's your #1 rule to live by?
Be unapologetically strong. Be unapologetic about however you choose to live your life, actually. We women are super smart, we are great at solving problems, we did kill that presentation, we do have great hair, and this skirt does make our legs look fantastic, so when someone compliments you on it, rather than deflect or deny, just say thank you. Just...thank you.
How do you relax?
When I've got some downtime, you'll usually find me with my nose buried in a book. I also love to organize play dates with friends, whether it's heading outside for a walk or meeting for a short conditioning workout. (Yes, I do find workouts relaxing, in a cleansing sort of way!) I also love to watch movies at home with my main squeeze and our two pooches, Zoey and Franklin. 
Any advice for finding a life/work balance?
As best you can, make your work stem from something you love to do. That way, you won't feel like you need a vacation from your life because the work you're producing jibes with what resides in your soul. 
What can you absolutely not live without?
I have a few standbys, including but not limited to lipgloss, colorful sneakers, and weights to lift. But if I'm forced to choose, I'm going to have to go with my fannypack (waist bag) collection. It's all about hands-free living, people! 

And that's why we love her, people!
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