Innovative Sustainability: The Kimono Challenge

I was excited to participate in "The Waterfront Kimono Design Contest" recently to upcycle and transform the gently used linens from the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel into a Kimono. Partnering with Glencora Twigg of Vancouver's twig&hottie boutique and We3 Designs, we chose to employ the Wabi Sabi method; a natural choice in support of ECO Fashion Week's initiative to inform and inspire the fashion-conscious and sustainable-minded alike. 

An ancient Japanese aesthetic that values imperfection and the limitations of design or construction due to unpredictable conditions, Wabi Sabi repurposes and alters existing materials. Therefore, the traditional design expectations change as the textile's history is unknown and one must be open to how the fabric accepts the changes we make. The results are embraced as part of the garment, adding to the uniqueness and beauty it unveils throughout the process.
The Wabi Sabi working concept also references to do what one loves without overdoing it--a belief we hold at Daub + Design to be a key to balanced life. Thus, a soft colour palette was chosen to reflect our signature aesthetic and we used gold foil to highlight our kimono to honour the aging materials we used to create it. Old became new again in this graceful and glamorous garment; a renewal of materials, artistic energy and vision. 
The ten finalist kimonos were on display at Pacific Center; Vancouver's premiere shopping destination for the fashionably-conscious.
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