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One of our own recently took her short film, Eye For An Eye, to the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival. Shot locally with an international cast and crew, the 18 minute short about a man who must choose between reality and revenge when his brother is tragically murdered is a cultural love letter to Vancouver. Selected to be part of the festival's Short Film Corner, writer Karin Maxey and her co-producing partner, Momona Komagata, flew to the French Riviera for a four day stint on the Croisette to debut the film internationally.

Cannes: The Coles Notes Version
by Karin Maxey

 Long hauls to Europe aren't possible without getting as cozy as possible, in the most chic way possible; and I'd never dare brave an airport without my Daub + Design Infinity Scarf. Then it was straight out into the night after landing, and my first pick was the gorgeous candy-hued Kimono Dress that Creative Director Lexi Soukoreff whipped up specially for the occasion. From party crashing at The Majestic to late-night eats near the famous Palais where the festival is held, our first night in Cannes didn't disappoint. In a fishing village overrun with stars, sparkle, and the general glamour of the Festival and its impossibly chic attendees, the vibe was nothing short of surreal.

Our days were spent pitching our short film for international distribution, meeting other filmmakers from all over the world, trying to find food between 2 and 6 in the afternoon, and, of course, getting decked out for giddy evenings on the red carpet for the feature films in competition for the prestigious Palme D'Or. 

My lessons learned:

1. Celebrities are a lot shorter in person
2. Having clothing made specially for you and jewelry on loan is what it means to be lucky
3. Walking the red carpet is simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating; even if no one cares who you are, they will if you fall
4. You never know who'll be at breakfast, so mascara is mandatory. (I will never be caught off guard again after finding Michael Cain, Rachel Weisz, Jane Fonda, and Harvey Keitel in my hotel lobby)
5. Travel with your best friend whenever you can
6. Yogic breathing pays off when you're calming nerves during a pitch session
7. Be nice to everyone; they may not be "somebody" but that doesn't make them "nobody"
8. Inspiration is always where you least expect it
9. Enjoy every moment for what it is, not what it could or should be


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