8 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for a Fresh Perspective

8 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for a Fresh Perspective

Our sense of home has never been more important, but it’s natural if your feelings towards your space shifted over the past year. Often, part of our emotional well-being is feeling connected to our home, and while some of us have been nesting, now that the joy and energy of springtime is here, it’s time to let the light and fresh air in. Gain a new perspective with these eight spring cleaning tips for your space.

Getting started


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Organize your tools and products

As with any project, getting started is the hardest part. Experts recommend breaking down large tasks into small, achievable goals to outsmart procrastination for spring cleaning, start by taking inventory of the tools and cleaning products you already have so you’re not left scrambling mid-clean.

Set aside time to make it enjoyable

Whether you plan to tackle it all in a day, or by blocking off chunks of time, put spring cleaning in your calendar. Remind yourself that instead of a chore, it’s showing love for your personal space, and by extension, yourself. And who said cleaning can’t be fun? Turn up the music, put on a movie in the background, or chat to a friend on speakerphone while you clean.

Go eco-friendly

Clean with the environment in mind by using eco-friendly products and swapping paper towels for reusable rags. You can also easily make your own products with a few ingredients you already have at home. Try making this Infused Vinegar Cleaning Spray for wiping down surfaces or a DIY carpet cleaner for rugs.

What to tackle

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Make the seasonal switch

The easiest way to say goodbye to winter? Put seasonal gear out of sight and out of mind. That means packing up the parkas and boots (give them a good clean first and your future self will thank you), putting away the winter sports gear, and moving those knit sweaters to the back of your closet.

Do the dirty work

Tackle those spots you’ve been avoiding, like the strip under the couch the vacuum can’t reach, or those baseboards that only look dusty in the sunlight. Big ticket spring cleaning items include dusting the blinds and washing the windows, purging the fridge, and flipping or rotating your mattress. 

Declutter and donate

Streamlining your wardrobe can be a fun part of spring cleaning, and makeup, jewellery, and accessories are also fair game. Donate items that are in good shape, and while you’re taking inventory, consider shifting your wardrobe towards sustainably-made pieces that you won’t be getting rid of after just one or two seasons. 

Don’t forget

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Safety and tech check

Now’s the time to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You can also organize your tech spaces by designating charging spots for devices, and using twist ties or hooks to keep cables from tangling. A less cluttered home office can provide a sense of calm and help productivity.

Looking for other ways to improve your at-home work space? Read more. 

Make it scent-sational

Spring cleaning means making your space smell as fresh as it feels. Scent is emotionally charged it can make us feel nostalgic, comforted, or invigorated in an instant, so think about what scent makes you feel most at home when you walk through the door. Use candles, incense, or essential oils, or make your own natural air freshener by simmering water on your stove and infusing it with your favourite oils, herbs, fruit, or spices.
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