BE BALANCED, BE YOU: A Combination of Creativity, Dancing, Community and Confidence

BE BALANCED, BE YOU: A Combination of Creativity, Dancing, Community and Confidence

BE BALANCED: BE YOU: We'll be featuring different women each week that have somehow influenced our lives and inspired us with their strength and grace. This week, meet Selena who found confidence, community, an active lifestyle and getting creative on the side were the keys to finding a balance in her life.

"I work a 9-5 office job that is very demanding as it has extremely strict deadlines and little flexibility. When I first started this job I was constantly doubting myself and as a result, I lacked the confidence to get the job done in a timely manner. I would get the job done, it just took me longer than it needed. Because of the extra time spent at work, it was challenging to maintain a healthy work/life balance. I worked long hours, I ate quick/cheap meals out, I did work out, and when I was at home I was worrying about work.

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Within the past 8 months I have made a very conscious decision to change that. As I have become more familiar with my roll and have ‘found my place’ in the office I have gained more confidence in the tasks that I perform. As a result, my work is completed more accurately and efficiently. This boost in confidence has allowed me to establish and maintain a healthy work/life balance and has affected multiple aspects of my life.

I like to keep active but I don’t like to ‘work out’. Heading to the gym to lift weights or sit on the elliptical does not interest me. I have always been a fan of group fitness class. I really enjoy the sense of community and the motivation that being surround by a group of people provides. We’re all there to accomplish a goal and we get to do it together.

About a year ago I started attending Zumba classes at Hillcrest Community centre. These classes are amazing and just what I need after a stressful day at work. My instructor has such a great personality that you just can’t help but have fun. The women who attend the class are also great motivators and very inspirational. I remember attending a class on National Women’s Day and thought to myself “I am surrounded by a group of kick-ass ladies”. There are women who are training to be Zumba instructors, mothers, teachers, and one woman who is in her 80’s and attends multiple classes a week (two of which are back-to-back). The hour of class just flies by - I can focus on the music and dance steps and completely disconnect myself from the stresses of the work day. My Monday classes truly gets my week started on a positive not.

Although I work in a creative department at my company, I do not have a creative position. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being surrounded by creative people and an environment that is full of colour, but I need my own creative my outlet. This is something I have also neglected for the last year. I am slowly starting to realize how important it is for me to feed the creative part of my soul. I am a maker and love to create things with my hands - whether it’s weaving a small wall hanging, creating creating cards, or making a necklace for a friend.

I also just love my neighbourhood. If I have a weekend full of un-fun chores ahead of me, I need to start things on a positive note. I’ll go for a walk - check out a new coffee shop, visit a new store, or just walk down a street I’ve never walked down. There are so many awesome spots in Vancouver to discover.

Due to my newly discovered sense of confidence in the workplace, I have been able to a establish a healthy work/life balance which has ultimately made me happier and healthier. This confidence has spilled into my personal life as well. I’m trying to push more boundaries and get out of my comfort zone (which is why I contacted you), and also just do things that I have been putting off. Side note: I signed up for two of Amber Haase’s classes at the Tiny Finery over the holidays- I’m so excited. It’s truly amazing the a ripple effect a boost in confidence can have in all aspects of one’s life."

Words by Selena
Photos by Wayne Mah
Thanks to Body Balance Vancouver for letting us use their beautiful space.

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