Two girls wear DAUB's Freedom Half Zip Crew in purple and teal. This photo announces a PRE-ORDER on items for spring delivery.

Every fall, we launch new pieces in time for the holiday season. These pieces are produced in the same way we always work: small batches and limited edition in order to reduce our waste and environmental impact each season. When we launch an item for the first time, we want to make sure it fits perfectly and is an item our customers love and want!

These pieces sold out this season in record time so we will be producing them again for spring. We offer a PRE-SALE in order to ensure we produce the right sizes and colours for each of you. You order pre-production, meaning the items are not made yet. Because you have to wait for them, we offer you a small discount.

 Continue reading below for ALL THE DETAILS:

How it works:

- We offer the items online as "PRE-SALE" items. You will see this in the title and you will place your order.
- We total up the number of pieces ordered and then place our fabric & marker orders.
- Production takes 6-8 weeks by the time we order the fabric, it ships and items are cut and sewn. This means items will be ready late February to begin shipping.
- Customers are offered a small discount as a thank you for their patience. 
- Free Shipping during our Boxing Week will be on orders over $300. Our PRE-SALE and Boxing Week ship at separate times so they will each have their own shipping charge.
- - -

Here are the items we'll be offering on the PRE-SALE this year!

A peach-haired girl wears a navy blue turtleneck tunic, sitting on a stool with shiny black leggings. The text describes the item and what colours it will be available in for spring.

 A client favourite this season and to no surprise! Everyone we showed the sample to wanted to order it! The Turtleneck Tunic is perfect for cozy-ing up through the day. Layer it with a puffy vest for those milder days or dress it up with our Riley Legging in Snake Foil.

A group of 4 women of all ages wear DAUB. They all have on a half zip crewneck sweatshirt made from bamboo cotton fleece with a light gold zipper.

We sold out of the Freedom Half Zip Crew mid-way through November. This piece came in 6 flattering colours, including black - which sold out in 7 days. With the light gold zipper to elevate the overall look of the garment, this is one piece you'll be wearing into spring and summer evenings at the cottage. We will be restocking in Black, Sargasso Sea, Stargazer, Ephemera + Arizona.


A peach haired girl wears a long fleece jacket in black with shiny leggings and her hands in her pockets. The text describes the jacket and how soft it is and that it's made in Canada.

The Knox Jacket is our latest jacket, designed to go with you to work with ultimate comfort. Cut from our bamboo cotton, the fabric is temperature regulating (as in all these pieces) to keep you at ease through your day. We'll be restocking in Black + Latte (new!).


A dark-haired woman wears a black ribbed tank top with the Knox Straight Leg Pant cut from bamboo cotton fleece.

You know us. We're big fans of comfort while looking great and the Knox Pant takes this to the next level. The Knox is a dress pant, made from our uber soft bamboo cotton fleece. A flat waistband, flat front pockets and a fitted hip & leg, make it a piece that can flow easily from work to dinner - all with the comfort of your favourite weekend wear...We'll be restocking in Black.

Why do we do a PRE-SALE?

- We offer PRE-SALES occasionally on items to ensure we produce the correct number of items, colours and sizes.
- A PRE-SALE helps us to reduce waste and over production AND ensure we produce enough!
- A lot of people missed out on these items this season as we ran out quickly at the shows and we'd love to make sure you get them!

 Some items we are offering as a way to restock sizes that ran out. We are limited sometimes the way the markers are laid out for production for how many pieces we can cut in a size. We're trying to even it out a bit with this production run as well!

Our goal at DAUB is to reduce excess garments at the end of season and to stay environmentally aware of our production.


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