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Face Masks in the GTA


If you weren’t wearing a mask before the pandemic, you’re most likely wearing one now. In 3 months, the aisles of grocery stores and drug stores have been transformed by facial coverings as Canadians have adopted the safety measure of masks from coast to coast. At the suggestion of our seamstresses, we at DAUB have been producing these items for the public that are now integral for our experiences in public. While our masks are in no way a substitute for medical-grade masks, PPE, or N95s, they are a great precaution to be used in addition to hand-washing and physical distancing.


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Since May, Canada's chief public health officer has suggested the use of non-medical face masks as an added layer of protection in areas of COVID-19 activity, but provinces have taken mask measures into their own hands and regulations look different across the country. 

In June, it was announced that Toronto residents will be required to wear a mask in enclosed public spaces, starting July 7th. This bylaw is in effect on public transportation and inside shops but excludes dining at patio restaurants or at workplaces where physical distancing is possible. This rule also does not apply to childcare centres. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has said that this rule will not be aggressively enforced and that he would like to focus on education rather than fines. 


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In Ontario, social bubbles of up to 10 individuals are allowed. For more information on social bubbles, click here. Regardless of how many people are in your social bubble or your household, the Ontario government still recommends wearing a mask, even if your area of the GTA doesn’t directly enforce it. Masks are most critical in situations where it may be hard to maintain 2 metres of space, like in aisles in stores, or in crowded public spaces. The Ontario government has also worked hard to implement a plan to safely send kids back to school in the fall, with all kids from grades 4-12 wearing masks. 


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With tons of studies that show evidence that face masks slow the spread of COVID-19, here are a few that we wanted to highlight:

  • This study shows that countries with cultural norms or government regulations favouring masks have lower death rates due to COVID-19. 
  • This study found that wearing a mask slows down the daily disease growth rate. 

Although experts have debated if wearing a mask is most beneficial to the user wearing one or the people around them, what they do know is that they are an important staple of our defense against the spread of the virus. At DAUB, our face masks have been designed with the idea of regular use in mind. Our masks’ elastic ear loops and soft jersey cotton on the inside make them comfortable to wear for hours, while the 100% cotton quilting fabric on the outside is an added layer for density. If you haven’t tried one out yet, take a browse through the colour options we have in stock.  We’ll be changing things up regularly, so check back for your next favourite colour way. 


Non-medical grade Canadian-made face masks.


For the most accurate and up-to-date information on safety protocols, we invite you to check in with the Public Health Agency of Canada and monitor your province’s update bulletins. 

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