Tie-dye patterns in blue, green, white, taupe, sand and pink.

The Fabric of Change: Cosmos & Aquarius

If there is anything that 2020 has taught us so far, it is that chaos, beauty and the unexpected cannot be denied as part of our experience. 

For as long as we can remember, we have been focused on progress, always looking toward the future and “what’s next.” The perpetual motion of society has been unrelentingly forward, but recently, we have had to press pause, take a look around and reflect. With the reality of the pandemic redefining our expectations for the present and future, we’re caught in a unique moment of change in this lifetime. At DAUB, this unrest has inspired us to create and out of this disarray, we’ve dreamt up two new prints: Cosmos and Aquarius. 

We’re known for our intentionally made and expertly-designed tie-dye prints. We’re inspired by our customers and our world, and in honour of everything that you’ve done to inspire us in trying times, we’ve stuck to our roots and developed two high-contrast prints that we are excited to share with you. 



Using our design software that has been the backbone of the loved prints in our collection, we designed preliminary colour compositions of Aquarius and Cosmos, and then, dissatisfied with the results, inverted them, creating an effect of multi-layered darkness and vibrancy. This was a deliberate decision, as the prints took on the representation of how our world has been shifted entirely upside down. We found so much beauty in the kaleidoscopic colours that we’d created that we decided to keep the prints inverted, allowing for the bits of light and accent colours in each print to shine. To us, the result of our process is a direct reflection of how pockets of the extraordinary are found amid epic confusion, and we were enthralled by the idea that our customers would be wearing our representation of the fabric of change.

Woman using computer design software creating fabric designs.

To ground ourselves in the face of massive changes, we take to thinking of the universe and our customers. As each of us is a gorgeously varied and complex being, we have created wearable pieces of the universe, mirroring the massive expanse of the stars in the night sky. By creating Cosmos, our high-contrast tie-dye print starring rich sand and taupe with black tones that serve to accentuate vibrant notes of aqua blue, we’ve put together a wearable observation of the sparks of energy in our world.


Woman posing in taupe, brown and white tie-dye yoga pants.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is a contemplation of chaos in dark blue-green black, while the pink is a brilliant highlight, celebrating the kindness and energy that we have kept alive in the face of adversity. We hope that the artistry of our prints inspire you to look inward, to savour the good in the bad, and to reflect on your inspirations whenever you can. 


Woman standing wearing blue and white tie-dye yoga pants.

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Not only is this company kick ass with its high standards of quality fabric, ethical practices and uniquely hand dyed clothing but you’ve put such thought and intention into what the pieces mean.

I’m literally wearing a piece of art that reflects the start of the decade were in or as you mentioned the Universe. Lovely and nicely written. Thank you.


Love the new prints. So pretty!! Hope you are well :)


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