SO MUCH NEW: Fall Collection 2022

SO MUCH NEW: Fall Collection 2022


Blef wears our Marie Tunic in Black with the Maxwell Legging in Eucalyptus + Black, Olga wears our Arielle Tank in Crisp White and our Freedom Jogger in Mink and Crystal wears our Grace Poncho in Midnight and the Radiance Legging in Black.

As the new season finally arrives, so does new DAUB pieces! This Fall Collection includes two new styles, a bunch of new colours, and restocks of fleece essentials we know you've been waiting for 

Stalk our launch on our socials and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to grab them. We only make what we need to and don't generally have a lot so make sure you act fast!


The Arielle Tank and Campbell Legging in Armour, Cypress, Black and Spice

The Ribbed Collection is probably one of the most-awaited part of this launch and there's no mistaking why! With the classic colours Armour, Black, new colours Cypress, Fudge and Spice and its unbelievably comfortable and gorgeous fabric custom-milled for us from California, we just know you'll love them.

We also created the Arielle Tank to match the Campell Leggings. It comes with a nice wide strap through the shoulder, designed with a gentle lining of the same fabric.

Blef wears our Luna Longsleeve in Black with the new Maxwell Legging in White + Black. Crystal wears our Luna Longsleeve in Charcoal with the Campbell Legging in Spice.

Signature One-Leg Black One-Leg Tie Dye

If you've been following us, we have been hinting about small but mighty changes to our classic pieces. The first and most significant is something people have been asking for for a very long time. We are known for our signature Adriana Legging with one leg black, one leg tie-dye. 

We are introducing the Maxwell Legging - a new version of this style with a flat, wide waistband in a thicker, opaque fabric. Expect comfort and a snugger fit as the fabric is slightly more compression. It's comparable to our Riley fabric and our Campbell fit.
The Maxwell will be available in 5 colours - Bone + Black, Eucalyptus + Black, Burgundy + Black, White + Black and Cranberry + Black.


Crystal in our Ribbed Set in Fudge and the Valencia Jacket in Black

Freedom Joggers + Valencia Jackets

We're well known for how soft our fabrics are. There's no way to describe them that really encompasses it! As soft as a cloud, like's the ooo's and aaa's that really work! This Friday we'll be restocking the Valencia Jacket in Black + Graphite to start and the Freedom Jogger in Black, Mink, Spice, Fudge and Cypress.

The fleece and the ribbed sets are designed from the same Pantone colour selection to mix and match together.

The fleece is an uber soft, bamboo/cotton/spandex, which is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning the planting, growing and harvesting of the fibre, then fabric production meets environmental specifications. At that point, we purchase it and manufacture it locally in Vancouver.

Blef in our Marie Tunic in Black + Maxwell Legging in Eucalyptus and Black, Olga in our Arielle Tank in White and Freedom Jogger in Mink

Grace Poncho + Marie Tunic

All our pieces are designed to keep you on-the-go and looking pulled together and stylish along the way and our sweater knits are the perfect example. They're easy to care for, unbelievably soft and breathable and they are great to pair with DAUB or any legging.
Our sweater knit fabric is a rayon/cotton/modal/spandex blend and this launch we will be restocking our Grace Poncho, an easy yet super sophisticated go-to piece and our Marie Tunic, casual comfy and with its essential pockets!

The Fall Collection Drop 1 launches Friday, October 28th 10AM PST, and a little earlier for those of you on our newsletter.

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