The Gratitude List 2022

The Gratitude List 2022

It's hard to miss that this weekend is BFCM for a lot of brands & companies. We are not a fan of this event but we are a fan of you for all of your support this year. So, the Gratitude List is back! 🙏✨⁠

As you know, we work hard to make everything in limited amounts to avoid over production and sales. We ethically make everything in Canada - which has it's own limitations and a high cost of doing business. We are happy to do it as we are supporting local workers and our own economy with this practice. We use sustainable fabrics wherever possible, or high quality stretch for longevity.

This weekend, November 25-28, we're offering you a special price on our previous collections of activewear, sustainable basics and more!⁠ These pieces will NOT be found at the shows (especially if you just discovered us!) and are available only online and select in-store.

Two girls wear sweat suits from DAUB made from sustainable fabrics and ethically made in Canada.

- - -

The Details:

Each day there will be a different collection of products available at 20% off. We encourage you to come back and keep shopping all weekend! 

If you sign up for the Gratitude List at any point during the weekend, you will receive email links that will give you access to all 4 day's collections at once. We call it early access - you can call it a DAUB shopping dream!

For our subscribers, we will be offering a daily deal as well. Some are limited by "first 5" people who order and some are spend "x" amount and receive a gift. These deals only apply on the day they are offered and in limited quantities.

We can offer free shipping over $375 on discounted items. Our margins are much lower than our overseas competitors or those making higher volume of items.

- - - ⁠
While it's hard for us to compete with all the Black Friday sales, we went through our inventory to see what we can offer you as our way to say thanks for all your support. As a small business, we put love in every piece and we appreciate every purchase you make. ❤️⁠

If you'd like to receive EARLY ACCESS to our Gratitude List, sign up HERE.⁠ There will be unique daily newsletters with details you will not want to miss.

👉 This list is separate from the rest of our newsletters to respect your inbox so if you'd like to be notified, do sign up!⁠

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