SPOTLIGHT ON Denby Royal: Supporter of Slow Fashion, Small Scale Business and Sustained Movement.

SPOTLIGHT ON Denby Royal: Supporter of Slow Fashion, Small Scale Business and Sustained Movement.

You know those people you connect with over social media and instantly enjoy their "presence"? Well...Denby Royal was one of those lovely individuals. We had the lovely chance meeting of Denby Royal in person at the Victoria Yoga Conference February 10-13 at the University of Victoria and finally putting a soul to the online persona we'd gotten to know. 

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Denby Royal was strolling through the cafeteria at UVIC when I did a double take. This girl looked familiar. Out of context and quickly scanning through my mental rolodex, nothing came up and I continued walking. The same girl made her way over to our booth and introduced herself after recognizing the line on display. Denby had just moved back to Victoria and we started chatting about the move, (Vancouver) Island life versus Calgary, yoga practices and her holistic approach for nutrition and personal growth

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We've all heard about coaching. Be it for business, personal, spiritual, life guidance, you name it, the person you may choose to work with should be someone you really connect with. Find someone who's values reflect your own. Do you care about local business or big brands? Are you athletic, creative, career focused or a combination of the above? 

The work Denby does focuses on nutrition and life styling for your life and home. We love the concept of working on our healthy habits and considering food intake before the body has cries for help.

"It is not about catching your body when it falls apart, but providing you with the natural building blocks to nourish, rejuvenate and maintain balance, strength and vitality."


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Looking into what we wear on our bodies can help us ease our digestive systems as well. Only wearing restrictive tight clothing can hinder the natural flow of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, and impacts your structural integrity. Denby focuses on this and the relationships of slow fashion, supporting local business and considering your impact on the environment every step of the way. 

"It’s about all of you: Your body, mind, soul, and surroundings.

It's more than what you put into your body, it's also how you cover it and what you surround it with. 

It's deeper than just cultivating your image."

We know it can be hard to make the right decisions in our busy lives but women like Denby are trail blazers in supporting you make those become healthy habits. 

Follow Denby on Instagram: @denbyroyal
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