Crystal Infused Water Bottles at DAUB Granville and Online ❤️

Crystal Infused Water Bottles at DAUB Granville and Online ❤️

We're so excited to bring these crystal water bottles to DAUB Granville and, of course, to you online. We're always a fan of staying hydrated while reaping the benefits of a gorgeous accessory. We've brought in 5 crystals to choose from, depending on what you want to channel. Each one has its own tea strainer for loose leaf tea with a sleep light heather grey tea cozy, which is removable if you just want pure crystal infused water for hydration.


A rose quartz crystal water bottle is held in front of a large quartz gemstone.



Rose Quartz: known for it's abilities to balance emotional health, encourage self-love, release emotional blockages and balance other chakras. Closely linked to the heart and throat chakras, it's not just for romantic love. Rose Quartz speaks to all kinds of love & communication.

Clear Quartz: Represents healing and spiritual growth.This stone is known for it's ability to absorb, store and regulate energy releases which helps bring you back to a sense of balance. It's also an amplifier, so whatever you put into it, will come back tenfold. 

Smokey Quartz: is known as the light bringer  with the ability to take us to wherever we need to be. It can be the anchor against the storm, making you feel safe when times are rocky. Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone, helping you to navigate those feelings of overhwhelm. It can do a deep clean on your healing and make sure you've got space for those positive frequencies to thrive, encouraging personal growth and releasing toxicities.


Amethyst: One of the top healing crystals for attracting peace in one's life. It has a highly calming energy and is known to balance, soothe and center one's self. Amethyst can bring relief from insomnia, anxiety, spiralling thoughts and tension.

Cherry Blossom Agate: Known to erase (or ease) traces of fear or self-doubt that hold us back from reaching our maximum potential. It helps to guard us from our selves to give us the space and time we need to grow. It helps in "reblooming" or growing after painful times in our lives.

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