DAUB’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2022

DAUB’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2022

With Mother’s Day just around the corner on Sunday, May 8, now is the perfect time to start thinking of ways to show your appreciation for Mom. We’ve curated a list of 15 gift ideas, giving consideration to each item’s uniqueness, functionality and seasonality.


For the Mom Who Appreciates Sentimental Gifts

Making a gift yourself shows love and that you’re willing to put in the time and effort to share your appreciation. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, these can make great gifts that can last forever! These are great for the Mom who insists you don’t buy her anything (and really means it!)
A Handmade Card
If you're the type of person that likes to express your thoughts in writing, this may be the perfect gift for both of you. All you need is some paper from your local craft store to get started. Spend some time writing down the things that remind you of your mom and get creative. Express your gratitude for all that she’s done for you & tell her how much she means to you. You could even write a couple of short poems for her.
A mother's day card 
A Unique Piece of Art
This can be a wonderful idea for the art loving mom. Or, maybe your mom has just downsized & moved into a smaller home and could use some decor. Observe her tastes to understand her aesthetic - colour, themes, soft vs abstract. Does she own or display art at home? What color is her furniture? What are some things that she loves? Choosing a piece of art is very personal, but if something strikes you that deeply reminds you of your mom or some component of your relationship with her, it will remind her of your time spent together. There are so many local artists who create beautiful, unique pieces. Some of our favourites are Sarah Delany, Zoe Pawluk and Arleigh Wood.
Woman sitting on couch next to abstract painting
A Thoughtful Photo Collage
They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Remember that concert you went to together or that time you had lunch at your favorite restaurant? Find that photo on your phone and print it out to gift her! Have a few great images? Why not put them together as a picture collage of your most special memories? Our lives are full of wonderful milestones.  It’s important to remember what you and your mom have been through together and your happiest moments. You could also pick out a beautiful frame to go with your collage. Check your local frame maker or Michaels.
photos for a collage

For the Mom Who’s Always on the Go

No doubt, Moms are super busy. They are constantly getting things done. Here are some gift ideas that they can use to stay functional and fashionable this season.
A Chic Spring Jacket (with pockets!)
The Valencia Jacket from DAUB is perfect for spring temperatures. Designed with a cozy lightness, this essential piece is made from our signature bamboo/fleece blend. The  jacket hangs beautifully with built-in side pockets for function to keep her hands-free and on-the-go.
Woman posing in Navy Valencia jacket
An Elegant, Yet Versatile Poncho
The Grace Poncho is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day because it was designed with comfort in mind. It can be used as a top layer and can go well with any bottoms. It’s casual statement piece made with OEKO-tex standard sweater knit to give it the softest touch, so your mom can be comfy and stylish on the go. Mom can wear this to work, when entertaining or for Sunday brunches with her girlfriends or family.
Woman posing in The Grace Poncho
A Tote Bag for the City Life
With all of us living a fast-paced life and trying to manage everything effortlessly, it’s important to have the perfect bag to carry all our necessities no matter what stage of mom-life we’re in. We made the DAUB Tote to be easy to care for with dual pockets & secure zipper closures for easy access and safety for keys, wallets and phones. When she’s on the go, she has everything she possibly needs.
Lexi Soukoreff Posing with The Daub Tote

For the Mom Who Needs a Break

Self-care is so important. Remind your mom to take a moment to herself with these gifts to promote relaxation and allow her to prioritize sleep and well-being.
Silk Sleeping Essentials
Here at DAUB, we love prioritizing sleep so we are fresh and at our best. Two of our favourites are the BYoga Silk Pillowcase and the Silk Sleep Mask. Why silk? Silk is a natural, hypoallergenic material that’s gentle of her skin and hair. It’s luxurious texture will allow your mom to fall asleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed. The eye pillow is also meant to lightly apply pressure to the eyes to relax facial muscles before bedtime.
The Silk Pillow in StormThe Silk Sleep Mask by BYOGA in Marbled Gold
The Essential Everyday Tee
For moms who like to be stylish, yet comfy, consider the Ainsley Tee. With its ¾ length sleeve, the Ainsley provides style & coverage.  The modal/spandex fabric is unbelievably soft and drapes beautifully and loose around the waistline with a longer length in the back for bum coverage. We love the gorgeous detail in the back with the box pleat too!
Woman posing in the Ainsley Tee in VintageBack view of the Ainsley Tee in Vintage
Comfy Joggers to Live in
Sometimes we all want to dress casually to relax, without compromising style and feeling put together. The Freedom Joggers are a great gift for moms as they were designed to be sophisticated, yet casual. Made from our signature blend of bamboo / cotton fleece to give the jogger’s a lovely relaxed fit. This is a great idea for moms who enjoy being comfortable without compromising style.
Woman posing in Freedom Jogger Side view of the Freedom Jogger in Graphite

For the Mom Who Prioritizes Skincare

A hydrating face serum
Face serums help to smooth and refine skin texture and provide nourishment to keep the skin healthy. Céla, the product line from our absolute favourite spa in Toronto, has introduced a lightweight, yet powerful, Glacier Intensive Mineral Serum that contains lychen, fern, moss extract, vitamin c, chaga mushroom, and red maple bark. This unique formulation was made to nourish and hydrate skin. The refreshing serum not only provides the skin with long-lasting hydration, but also prevents fine lines and wrinkles. There’s no time like the present to find a great skin care routine.
Céla Glacier Intensive Mineral SerumA swatch of Céla Glacier Intensive Mineral Serum
A Bedtime Facial Oil
A face oil nourishes the skin by sealing in moisturizer through the night and can give skin a natural healthy glow in the morning. Pamper your mom with a transformative oil like the Golden Slumber Face Oil. This product contains special neroli, rose, and lavender, and is meant to nourish the delicate facial skin, so she can wake up glowing.
Golden Slumber Face Oil
A Lightweight All-Over Sunscreen
Sunscreen is a vital step in skincare. Sunscreen protects your skin from both sun and blue light damage and keeps your skin tone even. Encourage your mom to keep her skin protected when she’s on the go with an effective lightweight sunscreen. Coola’s Classic Body SPF 30 is a great option for long-lasting skin protection. The bottle was designed for quick and efficient application. Make sure Mom is also wearing an SPF on her face on the daily. We love the lightweight, Coola Mineral SPF 30 Rosilliance BB+ Cream in 3 shades to match and even out your skin tone.
Rosilliance BB+ CreamClassic Body SPF 50

For the Mom Who Loves to Workout

A Multi-Purpose Exercise Mat
Whether its for in-studio classes (YAY!) or fitness workouts at home, she will appreciate the quality of our chic multi-purpose exercise mat! The DAUB Mat is super grippy, non slip yoga mat with an exclusive, symmetrical print designed to keep her aligned during her movements. Its a great option for workouts, fitness, yoga, or stretching.
The DAUB Mat in LilacThe DAUB Mat in Lilac half-opened
A Flattering Pair of Exercise Leggings
Leggings are an essential part of workout attire for ease of movement and to feel great. Our Pocket Leggings are a great option because they offer quick and easy storage solutions, so she can also keep her cards, keys, and phone near while working out. DAUB has a unique selection of exclusive printed and plain solid coloured pocket leggings that are functional and fashionable. Woman Posing in the Pocket Legging in Black + Merlot
A Set of Tone Weights
For the mom who’s ready to take things one step further, tone weights are a great way for her to add additional resistance in her workout or every day! They are dual-purpose and can be used on your ankles or wrists to add moderate intensity to your fitness routine. B Yoga’s vegan leather tone weights are designed to be comfortable and effective and could make for a long-lasting gift for your mom.
BYOGA Tone weight laid outByoga tone weight wrapped
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