DAUB Granville - Our Why

DAUB Granville - Our Why

DAUB Granville opened in the summer of 2021 on South Granville, featuring locally-made leggings, sports bras and sustainable loungewear from it's own brand as well as low-key fitness equipment, yoga props and mental health resources. As a lifestyle store, we believe movement & feeling great in your clothing can inspire confidence. Our clothing is all made in Vancouver, Canada from high quality, super soft fabrics. Our bamboo tee-shirts and joggers are a must-have with clients raving about how comfortable they feel.

DAUB has joined the shopping district of South Granville amongst Vancouver favourites Diane's Lingerie, Anthropogie, West Elm, Kingdom, Diva and Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant.

So why open during a pandemic?

We opened DAUB Granville because we came across a unique opportunity. I had actually been looking for a new studio space when I was searching Craigslist and found this posting. It was bright and in a fabulous location. Best of all, I knew the neighbourhood from being a resident for many years. Clothing is an extremely tactile experience - we wear it based on how it makes us feel. After 2 years of being starved for touch & human connection from only online shopping, I knew opening a store was the right decision.

We're also surrounded by some of Vancouver's best shopping & experiences: Diane's Lingerie has been a destination for women's lingerie for over 40 years, the Stanley Theatre is a neighbourhood cultural gem, Hill's Dry Goods, Anthropologie and West Elm, and fabulous restaurants such as Stable House Bistro, Fiore Restaurant, Bombay Kitchen and Heirloom Vegetarian.


DAUB Granville's interior is designed to invoke a calm, caring shopping experience. From meditation cushions to locally-made candles, clean beauty and made in Canada clothing, DAUB is the perfect place to shop local.


What is your favourite part of owning a store?

It's the people who come in, whether it's our repeat clientele that has been supporting us from day one or new people who wander in out of curiosity.  Seeing their smiles and their "ooo's and aaaah's" as they touch the fabrics is everything. Women need to have garments that make them feel good in their every day lives.

DAUB is a locally produced women's clothing line from Vancouver that is female-led, manufacturing yoga leggings, activewear and basic tees & sweatpants in Canada.


Why did you bring in other lines such as BYoga, Halfmoon Yoga, Bala Bangles and home items like diffusers and candles?

I truly believe in self-care and taking time for yourself. Whether it's getting on your yoga mat or spending 5-30 minutes in meditation, you have to put yourself first. These props aren't made to solve everything immediately - proper routine and regular self-care is key. Lighting a candle and just breathing can help calm our nervous system. Over time, this can lead to reduced stress levels and help us clear our minds. We also have a selection of mental health resources from Odin Books, focussed on female empowerment, relationships and self-compassion.

Canadian company Halfmoon Yoga and BYoga meditation cushions and silk pillowcases for mindfulness.


What do you see in the future for DAUB Granville?

I'd love to host more community events and really bring together like-minded people. Being a solo entrepreneur can be lonely and it's really the people you surround yourself with that drive you forward and inspire you to keep going. Our goal is always to keep design and manufacturing in Canada and to create pieces that wear well, inspire confidence and put a smile on the wearer's face. We'd love for you to share about the store and the brand so more people can discover us. We'll continue doing shows like Circle Craft here in Vancouver, Art Market in Calgary and One of a Kind in Toronto for the foreseeable future. Meeting our clients face to face, especially in-store, helps us understand the needs and wants of our community.

Visit us at 3012 Granville Street at 14th Ave.

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